Cartesi Pre-Staking Event And The Staking Mainnet Launch

Adaora Anders
4 min readDec 7, 2020

The staking of cryptocurrencies is becoming the new trend of different cryptocurrency projects due to the level of reward it releases to its participants.

Staking has actually become a means to earn passive income, where the user does not have to work too hard, rather the user's funds work for them, as they are able to lock up their funds on a staking system and early dividend which is called staking reward.

The PoS (Proof-of-Stake) has proven to be more reliable, efficient and profitable to the cryptocurrency industry, than the inefficient PoW which was previously used, and it has definitely unlocked the wealth buried in the cryptocurrency industry, to the world.

Cartesi Staking Operation Introduced

You have probably heard about Cartesi Staking operation which will open up the entire Cartesi system to great benefits by giving the users great opportunity to earning from the system simply by staking their digital assets on the system and get rewarded in return for the operation.

This will be done by running the Cartesi network node on this new found Proof-of-Stake system, to get staking rewards in return, in the form of the Cartesi native token called the CTSI.

This staking which will be released on Cartesi will not only unlock the great benefits to the Cartesi node runners, but will also make the entire system fully scalable for the creation of highly scalable and decentralized applications.

To give users a taste of the benefit that is to come, upon the launch of the staking operation on Cartesi platform, let's take a look at…

Cartesi Pre-Staking Event On Coinone Exchange

Cartesi has just announced a pre-staking event on the Coinone Exchange, in preparation for the staking mainnet that will take place soon within this quarter.

This pre-staking event was devised as a means to allow the global users of Cartesi to have a taste of what the actual staking will be all about, by enjoying to an extent, the benefits which will be unleashed during the actual mainnet staking on Cartesi platform.

The pre-staking event on Coinone Kickstart Ed on the 25th of November 2020 and is scheduled to run until the launch of the staking mainnet on December, 2020, a period during which the users can easily earn staking reward from staking their CTSI.

The staking return for Pre-Staking on Coinone is calculated to be 0.082% of the staked amount per day, which sums up to be about 30% or more, per year as the staking reward.

This is a great opportunity for the users of Cartesi to actually benefit first hand from the staking of the CTSI native token of the Cartesi platform through pre-staking, while waiting for the mainnet to come into effect.

Speaking of the staking mainnet, let's consider…

CTSI Staking On Mainnet In Anticipation

According to the staking roadmap, Cartesi will release the staking on Mainnet on December, 2020 which has already been planned out, to go in different phases to function efficiently.

This staking which is developed based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS), will reward participants accordingly for staking their CTSI on the system.

The Mainnet launch of the staking operation will be a means to earn unforeseen rewards which will be issued out in the CTSI as the participants become contributors to the Cartesi system.

Cartesi will be giving users the opportunity of becoming a great part of the system by taking part in the running of nodes which contributes greatly to the validation of blocks on the network.

To show you how committed Cartesi is to delivering great benefits to its users through the soon to be released staking operation, it has allocated a portion of its total supply to the Staking operation and after enjoying the benefits from the ongoing pre-staking event, it also has a package for the early birds.

For those who will take part in the staking operation the first 6 months of its launch, will earn up to 2,900 CTSI as staking reward.

This of course is limited as it is for the early adopters, meaning that the subsequent months will likely have a lower reward per block.


The benefits which users are enjoying on the Cartesi simply by taking part in the ongoing pre-staking is just a little compared with what will be unveiled during the staking on Mainnet.

So to the global population, it's a double benefit in Cartesi because while enjoying the rewards from staking on the system, the scalability needed for the building and running of DApps will be achieved.

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