Adaora Anders
4 min readOct 2, 2020

Cartesi Makes Research Easy

Computational powers are very important for the processing of operations on different systems, because they ensure the efficient performance of a technology, enabling it to execute digital operations effectively.

So, nearly every system is constantly looking for technologies or applications which possess high computational powers, due to its importance in processing transactions, with ease.

Many digital problems remain unsolved because the system is involved and ill-equipped and so make use of technologies without high processing capabilities, making it difficult to execute a lot of problems.

In the digital system, due to the emergence of complex and tedious tasks, there has been a growing need for the development of tools and technologies with improved computational capabilities to provide solutions to those problems, in order to advance the global system.

The Blockchain technology was developed as a remedy to this problem, as it not only possesses the high computational capability required to solve problems, but also has the ability to facilitate the creation of different tools and applications with advanced computational powers.

But the major problem has been the absence of a system which is fully equipped to efficiently leverage on the sophistication of the Blockchain to solve the problems which require high computational capabilities to solve.

Activities such as research, often demand high computational power to carry out, and the absence of that, has led to a case where most problems remain unsolved and has as well, hindered the discovery of new things, which would have improved the world.

What if I told you that there is a solution for these?

Yes, there is, a great platform has provided a lasting solution to the problem of lack of computational power.

Cartesi Ecosystem

Cartesi is a Blockchain-based system which facilitates the development of highly scalable Dapps by providing infrastructure for development such as the Linux operating system, integrating it with the Blockchain.

This will ensure that users and developers have all they need to create improved Dapps, being able to carry out computations off-chain and still maintain the security of on-chain systems as facilitated by the Blockchain.

How Cartesi Makes Available Efficient Computational Power

The Cartesi platform, aside from being a sophisticated and reliable Blockchain system, has devised a means to solve the lack of computation capability, on a global scale.

To achieve this, it has created an avenue where the global users could easily outsource the computation power of their devices which has been laying idle, to be used in the improvement of the global system.

This is possible because a lot of digital gadgets purchased and owned by users possess very high computational power, which could be used to solve one problem or another, but they have been allowed to sit idle without putting them to good use.

So, the Cartesi platform leverages on that, to help solve the emerging and complex problems, with ease.

Benefits Of Computational Power Provided By Cartesi

This solution provided by Cartesi, of putting the computational power of individually owned gadgets to good use, will go a long way improving the different sectors making up the global system, in a diverse way, one of which is research.

Carrying out scientific research at any level will not just become easier through the adoption of the solution provided by Cartesi, but will become fulfilling, seeing as activities such as research require a lot of computational power to execute. Solving complex problems encountered during research is now a possibility, because the Cartesi platform has ensured that efficient computational power is provided, through outsourcing of idle computing technologies.

It can also be used in video transcoding as well as rendering of 3D videos, all of which require devices with high computation to execute.

Additionally, the Cartesi solution will above all, solve the problem which has halted the global system for long, making it possible for different complex problems to be solved with ease.


This particular use case of the Cartesi platform is a very significant one, as it is addressing a major setback in the digital system which has halted its progress.

Outsourcing computational computational power is not just an achievement for the Cartesi platform, but for the digital system at large, seeing as it helps solve the majority of the digital problems which need high computation, and also helps to facilitate the development of new things, through research.

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