Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 30, 2020


The gaming industry is one of the industries which is valued greatly, in the world today, due to its contributions and benefits to the global system.

The different age brackets that make up the global population take part in gaming either for fun at their leisure time, showing you how important the gaming industry is.

Adding to this, the development of new technologies has facilitated the creation of intriguing and captivating games, with which the users can keep themselves engaged.

To even make it more beneficial for participants, the gaming industry has even introduced a means through which gamers can earn, while enjoying their favourite games, meaning that gamers now how an opportunity to earn great benefits, through gaming, and this improvement in the gaming industry is owed to the development and adoption of great technologies in gaming.

Gaming industry generates a great percentage of the global income, thereby improving the global economy and is considered as one the top industries in the global system.

Am sure that we are well aware of the revolutionary Blockchain technology, and how it is improving every system it enters, as a result of how efficient its design is, giving the ability to function effectively.

The Blockchain has been used in the development of numerous applications which are being used today, even in our everyday activities and it has made work easier for different sectors and individuals including the developers and regular users.

Now, imagine if this great technology could be introduced into the gaming industry, how much improvement it will bring into the gaming industry.

Well, no need to imagine it because it is now a reality with the help of...

Cartesi Platform - A Blockchain System For Developers

Cartesi is a decentralized platform which gives its users the opportunity to build scalable Dapps, by providing the operating system which will facilitate off-chain computations, with full guarantee of security, all at a reduced fee.

The Dapps created on Cartesi are not just easy to use, but easy to build, because all the tools are lined up on the system, for the exploitation of the developers.

Cartesi Joins Forces With MixMarvel Gaming System

Cartesi, a reputable name in the Blockchain industry, which is dedicated to providing the tools needed by developers in the creation of different decentralized applications, has partnered up with the MixMarvel system, a Blockchain system, which promotes Blockchain games, so as to improve the gaming and the gaming industry at large.

This was made public in an announcement issued by Cartesi system, to show its eagerness in making Blockchain games to become more fun and beneficial.

Both of these systems intend to make sure that its users get the best services and values from being participants in the system.

What The MixMarvel And Gamers Stands To Benefit From This Partnership

Since the Cartesi platform is a building block for different kinds of Dapps, it possesses all the tools required by developers to create great applications, and this partnership gives full access to those tools to the MixMarvel system.

With the development environment presented by Cartesi and tools such as the Linux operating system as well as the Descartes SDK, game developers will now be able to build games with great features, since they have all they need to do so, developing high-end and fascinating games, which gives a great gaming experience to gamers.

Even the high computational power needed for these games to function effectively and the security which the Blockchain offers, will also be made possible with the Cartesi development tools.

Benefits For Cartesi

The Cartesi platform on the other hand, will be able to leverage on the MixMarvel system and its tools to expand as well as grow its operations across different sectors, establishments, even at the global level, just to make sure that everyone has unrestricted access to the Blockchain, while giving Dapps developers an advantage over other developers, when it comes to the creation of improved applications with real life use cases.


Both the Cartesi system and MixMarvel have recognized the need to have a fully operational system, from where users can benefit, that is why they have decided to exploit the great advantages and features of each other.

By partnering up, these two systems will definitely offer improved services filled with great benefits, to its users.