Cartesi Partners With MixMarvel To Distrupt The Global Blockchain Game

Cartesi is pleased to announce partnership w/ MixMarvel
one of the leading publishing platform focused on creating and promoting blockchain NFT games. Cartesi’s technological advancements will foaster new possibilities for existing and new MIXMARVELGAME games.

The Cartesi's Descartes SDK is a big break out not just for the DApps developers, but also for the games industry at large. It will confer games the ability and capability of executing voluminous data operations all at the same time and with full decentralization, without neglecting the security guarantees of smart contracts.

About Cartesi

Cartesi has brought about the significant opportunity for the creation of several unique and more adoptable decentralized applications, also known as DApps.Cartesi achieves this by incorporating Linux OS with blockchain and by its two major components which are:

- On-chain(blockchain) component

- off-chain component. Cartesi makes DApps more user-friendly and portable, more adoptable, while ensuring scalability, security, decentralization, speed and privacy for DApps and DApps users.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is a global blockchain game and NFT digital asset publishing platform based on blockchain technology.

Cartesi’s partnership with MixMarvel will bring about massive growth and changes in the games industry.

Cartesi is not only disrupting the Game industry but other sectors.

Follow Cartesi’s official websites below for up to date news and developments:



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