Adaora Anders
4 min readSep 11, 2020

Cartesi Improves Machine Learning

Machine learning is obviously no longer a new trend in the digital system and the world at large as it is the bedrock on which different revolutionary tools are created.

For the benefits of those with little knowledge about machine learning, let's briefly explain what Machine learning is all about.

Machine Learning, What It Is All About

Machine Learning are simply computer algorithms which function efficiently by accessing data from reliable data sources and then use it to develop itself as well as improve its performance.

It gains exposure and experience through these data automatically, without being programmed by anybody, and through this, it is able to function at full force when adopted in the creation of different digital tools.

For machine learning to be used effectively in advancing the digital system and for improved algorithms to be created, there are some factors which need to be considered and made available, some of which are…

A great computation capability, which is largely required as it provides the processing power by connecting to the internet

A reliable data source is also very vital for the efficient functioning of machine learning, seeing as it uses these data to either facilitate algorithm improvements or the development of new algorithms that could be used in the invention of different digital products that will solve numerous problems.

A source of upgrades of machine learning algorithms or new ideas is also very important if machine learning will be used to create life changing products that will greatly impact the world, in a positive way.

Upon the availability of all these, machine learning will be able to function effectively and be used in improving the global system.

Impacts Of Machine Learning And Its Use In AI Creation

With the help of Machine learning different digital tools have been created, which are currently being used in different systems to improve their operations.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of such products developed with machine learning algorithms, which gives advanced machines, the superior ability to carry out functions like decision making without any external help, language processing with ease, create means of interactions within a system or an application, as well as a whole lot of other functions.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) which has been developed with machine learning algorithms has indeed had a great impact in the world, as it is helping equip the global users to take part in the ongoing digital revolution.

Cartesi Platform Explained

The Cartesi platform is a scalable Dapps creation system which has provided the users with a reliable developing environment and the tools needed to create varieties of improved Dapps in a more decentralized way.

One of the development tools it provides is the Linux operating system and other tools made available on its system to be used by every developer in creating fully functional Dapps.

Role Of Cartesi In A.I Developments

Cartesi Platform by providing an efficient development system and tools to give developers the power to create applications with ease and embed in it, great features, will facilitate the development of decentralized applications (Dapps) by visionary developers.

It provides all that is needed for machine learning to work efficiently as it allows for off-chain computation to be done, even the ones involving enormous amounts of data, which is exactly what is needed for improved machine learning algorithms to be developed.

With its developing tools like the Descartes SDK, developers have unlimited access to software stacks and files containing development data needed for the enhancement of machine learning algorithms and its scalable structure, which also allows for the timely upgrades of these machine learning algorithms that will then be used to create improved A.I.

Most of the Dapps that will be created by these developers will allow for works to be sent out to different developers, who can then create varieties of AI tools at a reduced cost, with more features and great capability of solving problems, since all the tools of development are already made available.


Cartesi Platform will indeed serve as an efficient system for the creation of AI products that will feature greatly in the digital revolution as it posses all that is needed to make this possible, ranging from improved developing tools with great computational power, as well as data a reliable data source for Dapps creation.

Machine Learning will not just become prominent and vital in the development of digital products, but will also become reliable and efficient, thanks to Cartesi platform.


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