Cartesi Development Recap

Adaora Anders
4 min readDec 13, 2020


For Cartesi, the 4th quarter of 2020 has not only been a fulfilling one, but has been packed with many exciting developments which has in one way or the other, benefitted the entire users of the Cartesi DApps development system.

The recent developments unveiled during this quarter, released unlimited benefits to the entire Cartesi ecosystem, while ushering in even better developments in the coming quarter.

To let you have a full grasp of the great developments that has taken place, their benefits to Cartesi ecosystem and their impact to the global system, let's have a quick rundown of these developments.

The Release Of Cartesi Reserve Mining Website

To spice things up even more, Cartesi DApps system released a new website to go with the launch of its CTSI Reserve Mining and Staking.

The newly developed website was designed to be fully detailed and informative about the staking feature and mining, including the roadmap of the current and future developments of the system.

Every development relating to the CTSI Reserve Mining and Staking are well represented on the website, with insights on the superiority of CTSI Reserve Mining and the benefits of its staking feature.

Pre-Staking Event On Coinone Exchange

In anticipation of the Cartesi Staking operation that is scheduled to go on Mainnet in December, 2020, Cartesi launched a pre-staking event on Coinone exchange.

This pre-staking event which started on the 25th of November 2020, on Coinone Exchange gave participants a return of about 0.082% of their staked amount, per day, summing up to 30% and above in a year.

With the pre-staking event on Coinone, users got a taste of what the staking mainnet will be like, and still had the opportunity to earn staking rewards from the system.

Ecosystem Expansion

Seeing how fast it is growing, recognized across different systems and countries, Cartesi platform also decided to expand its hold into by setting up telegram communities for different countries.

The new communities developed by Cartesi are the Brazilian community, Japanese, Philippines and Spanish communities, adding them to the already existing communities for other countries.

Through this, Cartesi users from these regions will find it less difficult being part of the system, as they will be able to interact freely, while making the most of the system.

Progress Of Cartesi Dapp Incubation Program

Cartesi DApp Incubation Program which was launched by Cartesi to empower different systems to build fully decentralized applications on the Cartesi ecosystem.

Among these projects are the Creol system, which has created the first port of the Cartesi framework, to allow for the running of Descartes nodes on a Raspberry Pi.

SimThunder, which is designing a Descartes marketplace for the trading of private content data, and the Carti, a system which is implementing the first building block for Cartesi machines.

New Listing Of The CTSI

To further advance the Cartesi platform and make the trading of its token easier for the users, Cartesi has listed the CTSI on another cryptocurrency exchange.

The listing of CTSI was done on Uniswap, a fully decentralized exchange where users can exchange their digital assets comfortably and with more guarantee of security.

CTSI was listed on uniswap against the USDT trading pair, making it possible for holders to sell their CTSI for USDT or purchase CTSI with USDT, as the case may be.

By making CTSI available on Uniswap for trading, Cartesi has opened up the trading of its native token to everyone meeting the needs of those who prefer to use DEXs and those who use CEXs, all to ensure the advancement of the platform.

Series Of AMA With Established Communities

As a way of taking the system global, creating more insights about its benefits and enlightening the global masses on its contributions to the ongoing digital revolution, Cartesi also featured in varieties of AMA this past month, with different communities who are all reputable in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cartesi had an AMA with a popular Vietnamese group called CryptoVN, with the Cartesi COO, Colin Steil, as the guest of the AMA, where he answered a series of questions enlightening the community about Cartesi.

Cartesi also had another AMA with the reputable Atomic Wallet, giving the community the opportunity to ask questions regarding Cartesi and its developments, after which answers were provided.

Another AMA took place, with the CEO of Cartesi, Erick de Moura as the AMA guest in the Hedgehog community, answering questions related to Cartesi new developments and its benefits to the users.

Both the CEO and COO of Cartesi also participated in an AMA held by Cartesi on the Binance Korean group, where they threw more light on the mining and staking features of Cartesi.


All these developments are just a piece of the cake to what Cartesi DApps ecosystem is unveiling for the benefits of its users. In the coming months, more intriguing developments will be released by Cartesi, just to ensure that users get the best of the platform.

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