Adaora Anders
4 min readSep 20, 2020

Cartesi DApps Incubation Program - A Rare Opportunity For Developers

A lot of developers have the vision and idea of creating applications which will impact greatly in the world system, which will be used in different parts of the global industries to improve the quality of life for the global masses, but majority of them are still facing a common problem, lack of developing tools.

These developers are short-handed by the lack of tools with which they could bring their visions to life and as a result of this, the possibility of developing revolutionary applications is dashed, seeing as these tools are very vital.

Aside from the tools needed to create these decentralized applications, another important factor is the funding with which the developers can create these Dapps, as they are basically the bedrock for every development and without it will be impossible to create applications which can feature in the ongoing digital revolution.

For most users, funding has been a challenge which has been restricting them from reaching a milestone in their developments.

For the digital system and the global system at large, these major challenges faced by Dapps developers is not just limiting te system, but has also denied the world of the existence of improved Dapps that could make the world better and deliver more benefits to the global population.

All that is about to change, thanks to the operations of the Cartesi platform.

In order to fully grasp how Cartesi will make Dapps development easier for developers, there is a need to take a closer look at the description of the Cartesi platform.

Description Of The Cartesi Platform

Cartesi platform is a decentralized platform that has been created for the creation and deployment of highly scalable Dapps using the Blockchain and Linux operating system, allowing developers to enjoy the benefits of both.

Having understood what Cartesi is all about and the roles which it has played in improving the world system, here is...

How Cartesi Facilitates Dapps Creation For Developers

Recognizing the funding needs that restrict developers each day, Cartesi has introduced a DApp Incubation Program, for every developer on its system.

This program launched by Cartesi was done in partnership with Gitcoin, a digital system centered on facilitating the development of great projects and funding the establishment of projects which has the potential of introducing great benefits to the world.

And by launching an incubation program such as this, Cartesi has provided a rare opportunity for the developers take create whichever Dapp they wish to, and benefit from the reward which will be issued out to the best teams that will be emerge at the end of the program who creates the most amazing Dapps which has real-life use case and could be used to better the global system.

How To Take Part In The Cartesi DApps Incubation Program

To take part, and become one of the benefactors of this program, the steps are just straight-forward in such a way that nearly every developing team can leverage on this great opportunity.

All the different teams have to do is apply for the program between the 14th of september and the 12th of October, 2020, giving the full details of the proposed project, including its use case as well as the end target.

Every detail counts if a team will be selected for the program, so the amount needed to fund the project needs to be specified and the time the project will be concluded, within the period of 3 months.

With this full details presented by each team, the best three teams will be selected and provided with the funds they need and support in terms of development professional guide, so as to ensure they reach their target. Upon the completion of the projects, on the stipulated time, rewards will be issued out to them by both the Cartesi platform and its partner, Gitcoin system.

Benefits OF The Dapps Incubation Program For Developers

The Cartesi DApps incubation program will be a big blessing for developers all over the world, as they will get the opportunity to showcase the developing skills.

Since it is a DApps development system, it does not ust provide funding, but makes available infrastructure and technological knowledge needed by developers to build life-changing dapps.

As already stated, the best teams will also get more rewards for coming up with advanced applications which will add more value to the global system.

Do you know what this means?

Developers get rewarded for doing what they enjoy, creating Dapps on the efficient Dapps system, with the funds provided for them.


This program isn’t just another win for the Cartesi platform, but will lead to the introduction of sophisticated Dapps into the digital system.

Cartesi has facilitated the creation of Dapps that are currently changing the world and through this, another feather will be added to the hat, showing you how sophisticated the Cartesi platform is.

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