Cartesi Bridges Real World Assets To DeFi

Adaora Anders
3 min readOct 30, 2020

Decentralized Finance as we know it is the new normal, as it is rapidly gaining grounds in the entire financial system. Sadly, it is also ridden with lots of challenges that seem to hold it back from attaining great heights.

One of the many challenges faced by different DeFi systems is the issue of scalability, which limits it from performing at its best and giving a perfect service to the users.

A lot of DeFi DApps that have been created before now are confronted by this problem, as they are not able to reach into different systems to allow the global masses enjoy its services.

Another setback of the DeFi system is the lack of the interoperability feature, which has to do with the ability to interact with other systems outside the residing ecosystem, and the numerous DeFi tools are lacking greatly in this, making it impossible to function unrestrictedly.

The fact that almost all supposed DeFi systems and applications out there are not so decentralized creates another disturbing issue seeing as these systems still operate as centralized infrastructure, while pretending to offer decentralized services to the users.

This does not only reduce the quality of services and products offered up to the users, but also contradicts with what decentralized finance actually stands for, that is why a lot of applications out there are not able to unlock full decentralization to the users.

All these have indeed restricted the massive adoption of decentralized finance, and needs tangible and lasting solutions for the benefit of the global system.

Cartesi Takes Decentralized Finance To A Whole New Level…Cartesi, is indeed a big boost for he DeFi Industry

Cartesi is a DApps development system which drives the development of scalable and secured Dapps, which will function in the different systems of the world.

It is out to help elevate the DeFi system, which has become the new trend, by facilitating DeFi-based applications, so as to make decentralized finance open and accessible to all.

I know all this makes one wonder, how does Cartesi intend to improve the DeFi system?

Lets see how...

Cartesi's Strategy To Improve Decentralized Finance

First of all, by linking its Linux operating system and the blockchain, Cartesi also unleash the decentralized feature of the Blockchain, which ensures that every application created on its system will not ust function effectively, but will be fully decentralized in such a way that it will not be subject to any form of control or manipulation.

Since it is a DApps development infrastructure, which gives developers all the tools needed to create powerful application, it eliminates the problem of scalability which has limited the DeFi industry for long, by ensuring that the DApps built on it will possess powerful processing capability to carry out complicated operations with ease, even when it is confronted by an enormous amount of data to process, irrespective of the source. This shows the ability of its DApps to reach into different sources and execute operations effectively.

Seeing as the Cartesi is not limited in any way, it also guarantees the interoperability of all its Dapps, a feature which has been missing in the regular applications. This will help the Cartesi DApps to interact easily with other systems both on the same blockchain and a different one, letting the users carry out any transaction with ease, even ones that have to be executed on other chains.

Another means through which Cartesi improves decentralized finance is the great level of security which is attainable on its system.

Once a DApps is created on Cartesi, it is built with security in mind, so it inherits the security of the Blockchain, making it fully secured wherever it is used and for whatever purpose.

With all these, Cartesi gives the global users, a full taste of the DeFi system, and shows the true meaning of decentralized finance to other supposed DeFi systems out there.


Aside from ensuring that highly scalable and fully secured applications are created on its system, Cartesi helps drive the global adoption of decentralized finance all over the world.

It allows developers to embed on their applications, the ability to run in a decentralized manner, providing great DeFi services to its users.

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