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4 min readSep 8, 2020


Cartesi August Recap- Recent Developments In Cartesi Platform

For those of you who know about the Cartesi Dapps system, you probably know of its sophistication and how improved it is, compared to other Blockchain Dapps developing systems.

To bring everybody up to speed, let’s have a brief explanation of what the Cartesi platform is all about.

Cartesi Meaning

Cartesi is a Blockchain system which facilitates the creation of highly scalable and improved Dapps with the help of its Linux operating system, while allowing developers to run off-chain computations with ease and at a reduced cost.

The idea of Cartesi also reveals the benefits of its infrastructure and developing tools to all the systems which have adopted it, as well portraying its great potential to improve the operations of the systems, yet to adopt it.

We will be looking at the milestones reached by the Cartesi platform so far, including all its benefits as well as recent developments.

Release Of The Version 0.20 of The Descartes SDK

One of the recent developments of the Cartesi platform is the release of the version 0.20 of its Descartes SDK for developers.

Descartes SDK is a developing tool which gives Dapps the capability of executing off-chain transactions, with ease and at a very low cost, when compared to on-chain transactions.

The Descartes SDK as we know it, gives developers the ability to create great Dapps which only exist in the mind, and bring it to life.

Cartesi recently upgraded the Descartes SDK, to become more powerful than it already is, giving it more features which will help it function effectively, while letting it serve the developers to the full.

This upgrade made this developing able to execute even operations involving large volumes and complex operations, off-chain.

It was also upgraded to become customizable, letting each developer tailor it to their specifications.

And for the new developers, Cartesi upgraded the Descartes SDK to have a tutorial feature which will help them learn how to develop different Dapps on the system.

MixMarvel Partnership With Cartesi

Another great development of the Cartesi is the great partnership with the MixMarvel system.

Due to the great features of the Cartesi system, MixMarvel Blockchain game promotion system made known its intentions to fully adopt the Cartesi system, so as to benefit from the numerous features of the system.

This partnership will greatly benefit both systems as the MixMarvel gaming system will leverage on the Cartesi development environment and tools to create sophisticated games, as well as get the computational power which the created games needs to operate effectively, while promoting the Cartesi system in the process, giving full access to development tools, to developers all over the world.

Cartesi also achieved a feat which has been difficult for other systems as it was recognized by the Binance exchange, the most prominent exchange platform in the crypto space.

Cartesi was among the projects that Binance recently enabled isolated margin trading for, allowing users to trade CTSI even without having enough trading funds.

New Exchange Listings

Cartesi has also decided to expand its horizon in its quest to make it less difficult for the global users to get their hands on the CTSI token, so it has been listed on more exchanges.

One of its recent listings is on one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms called the Upbit exchange.

Upon its listing on Upbit, trading was opened, which means that anyone can now trade the CTSI token on Upbit exchange, with ease.

Another listing took place just of recent, which is the listing of CTSI on the Coinone exchange, where it could be traded easily, to show you how fast the Cartesi platform is moving, also showing its aim of unlocking the full benefits of the Blockchain Dapps creation system to the global masses.

Adding to the already stated listings on different exchange platforms, Cartesi is also intending to list the CTSI token on the ChangeNow exchange.

This is amazing!!, multiple listings within just a short timeframe.

Creepts Tournament Reward Distribution

Cartesi also facilitated the full distribution of the Creepts tournament it hosted involving about $25,000.

This tournament was a play and win airdrop, where the winners become eligible only when they complete the KYC verification on Upbit.

Upon the completion of the tournament, the Cartesi platform disbursed the rewards to winners, making sure that every winner gets the appropriate number of CTSI rewards for their participation.

Release Of Cartesi Macroeconomics

Cartesi has also released a microeconomics of CTSI, as a way of ensuring that every user gets the full insight and understands how well the Cartesi system is performing.

The Macroeconomics consists of the full staking information, showing users how they can benefit more from Cartesi.


All of these are the numerous achievements of the Cartesi platform, as if it strives to give the best of services to its users.

By achieving the aforementioned feats, it’s users have all they need to enjoy the boons of this great system.

Here are some other developments to look out for in the coming month, on the Cartesi system…

Updates & milestones that are looming for Cartesi this month:

  • PoS Prototype launch
  • Mining on Ethereum’s testnet
  • Unannounced Program Launch
  • New Integration
  • Marketing expansion and so on.

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