Adaora Anders
4 min readSep 15, 2020




The society is progressively transformed by the advancement of technology,its introduction into the society has led to the unravelling of several new experiences and innovative approaches regarding carrying out activities around the globe.

Sectors like communication, transportation, tourism, health,financial and others leverage technology to create more utility for their users and increase their relevance as well as output in the society, this is especially traced to the introduction of a very advanced, immutable and effective infrastructure known as the blockchain.

Descriptively, a blockchain is a unique database that is distributed across a network or chain of computers such that if a record is input to the network, it becomes almost impossible to be changed. Over the years, most blockchain infrastructures have faced a number of issues which include scalability, security, performance and a lot more.

Well, the solution is here!


CARDANO is the first proof of stake (PoS) substrate that is developed based on a peer-reviewed research and evidence based method which utilizes advanced technological tools to proffer sustainability as well as optimal security for decentralized applications, systems and societies.

It is a platform that is designed by highly skilled technicians and engineers to reallocate power from diverse structures which usurp and neglect the need for an overall societal progress to margins and individuals who possess the capacity to build a better societal framework thereby inculcating the drive for positivity among the citizens of the world.

With Cardano, the trust which has always been lacking in the global system can be totally restored. It also with the help of science creates an effective, secure,transparent and reliable foundation where individuals can conveniently transact, communicate, and make exchanges as well as a suitable system upon which enterprises can grow.



This is the first peer reviewed verifiable secure blockchain protocol implemented on the CARDANO blockchain. In other words, Cardano is the home to ouroboros. It is the factor that ensures that Cardano maintains a decentralized structure and scales to global expectations without breaching its security.

Ouroboros is a result of relentless efforts of development on foundation research aimed at achieving security and transparency in the world's financial and payment systems as well as ensuring an equitable reallocation of power and control around the globe.


Overtime, trust has been a prevalent issue which hampers seamless transactions among various individuals especially given the fact that most of these dealers may not know each other or have any reason to trust.Fortunately, Cardano substrate is undoubtedly secure from bad actors,infiltrations and attacks.

Every transaction or exchange executed on the Cardano blockchain can be transparently retrieved, is validated using a multi signature and a pioneering extended UTXO model and more importantly, cannot be infiltrated or changed by another individual thereby making provisions for new markets filled with limitless opportunities.


Cardano platform just like other prominent applications is designed using evidence based technique and an advanced combination of formal methods to facilitate the responsiveness of the project to new requirements and innovations.

The protocol integration and platform operations are researched, analyzed,challenged,mathematically modeled and tested before they are specified. This specification suggests how development is actualized.


In order to ensure durability and sustainable progressive development in the cardona infrastructure, the substrate has introduced an incentive mechanism that rewards active users-stake pool operators or stake delegator's for partaking and supporting the development of the network.

Furthermore, the system of governance within the network allows participants to are holders of the ada token to have a say or vote on any proposal regarding the direction of platform upgrade and development.


Ouroboros which is the blockchain protocol of the cardano infrastructure helps in driving the network to scale globally without the need of more energy to enhance its performance.

Cardano blockchain infrastructure is designed in a way that every action executed by a participant in support of the platform's development will in turn bring about rewards for the user, this in a way facilitates the development of a healthy, enduring and robust progressive ecosystem for the future.


This is a unique cryptocurrency developed on the ada network to help facilitate transactions and payments within the cardano platform. Holders of the ada token are provided an opportunity to have a say on how the system is run as well as enjoy the full perks of the platform.


Cardano platform is equipped with every tool required of a blockchain infrastructure in order to function efficiently in the ecosystem. With its consensus protocol(ouroboros)as well as the ada token, the network aims to proffer a lasting solution for complications in transactions, communications, and every part of the society as well as bring about decentralization of power around the globe.

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