Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 14, 2021


Can A Beginner Trade Profitably Using Alphr Finance?

Trading cryptocurrency requires a lot of learning. You have to learn to read the charts, master candlestick patterns, and decipher what’s going to happen next in the price department. Of course, you can’t ignore the fundamentals. While technical analysis helps in predicting price movement, it’s not the only decider. News regarding the project has to be taken into consideration.

Cryptocurrency pricing is driven heavily by sentiments. A beginner might find all these overwhelming. Add the time constraint, and it becomes unattractive to most.

Alphr Finance; A Game Changer?

Despite the challenges, cryptocurrency trading is lucrative. Especially if you have the capital. Though the risk remains significant, you can reduce the strain associated with picking profitable trades by using Alphr Finance.

Wondering What Alphr Is?

It’s a platform that allows you to mirror trades of successful traders. Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain, trades can be tracked without the wallet address owner being any wiser. And Alphr relies on this attribute.

Why Use Alphr Finance?

If anyone can view the trades of wallet addresses on the digital ledger, why use Alphr? Well, the Alphr protocol saves you time. Finding the transactions done on a blockchain might take a while. This can be quite disastrous in cryptocurrency trading that works on time. But on Alphr Finance, transactions are tracked based on the successes of the wallet address. You can identify what wallet address trades are worth following.

Alphr Finance ranks these wallet addresses according to a risk score. These scores are based on the transaction history of the wallet addresses. This way, a beginner picks more winners than losers. And that’s without doing any research.

How Profitable Is Trading With Alphr Finance?

Not all trades will be profitable. But you can have more wins than losses without knowledge of TA or FA. Alphr lets you mirror the trades of successful traders.

If you don’t have the time to do this manually, it can be automated. Such trades can be mirrored in your absence. The profitability of your trade is dependent on the market. Remember, cryptocurrency trading is totally at the mercy of market forces. So if the tides work in your favor, it’s smooth sailing. Yet, there’s always the chance that such won’t be the case. Take note. Expert traders that have their trades on decentralized exchanges copied get ALPHR tokens.

Is Alphr Finance Free To Use?

Alphr has freemium features that are accessible to everyone. If you just want to see how the platform works, it’s free.

However, there are certain attributes of Alphr that are only accessible to those paying customers. For instance, using the automated mirror pools on Alphr requires the payment of protocol fees. These fees are to be paid in the platform’s token, ALPHR. Interestingly, much of these fees are shared among Alphr users. Many might question the need to collect fees in the first place. However, the fee-sharing is specifically for liquidity providers, which isn’t something everyone will do.

What Should A Beginner Worry About?

Since Alphr’s mirror trading might is currently limited to Uniswap, beginners might have to be wary of gas fees. Though Alphr might help users save gas fees by executing transactions in big batches, fees are still high. Remember that Alphr only mirrors trades, not read the future. So it’s not 100% certain that a mirrored trade will be profitable.


Beginners can profitably navigate Alphr. It’s all about backing the mirrored trade with some research. The DIY approach might be tasking and time-consuming, but it’s worth inculcating into these mirrored trades.No trader is 100% right every time, regardless of their risk score. So stay cautious.

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