Brexily Launches BrexCo Crypto Payment System

Adaora Anders
4 min readOct 20, 2020

To make the global adoption of cryptocurrency possible, Brexily exchange has developed a system, Brexco which will be launched on the 22nd of October, 2020, to help incorporate the use of cryptocurrencies into our everyday lives.

Introducing BrexCo Crypto Payment Gateway

BrexCo is a product of Brexily, which is meant to ensure that the global masses are able to carry out digital transactions using cryptocurrencies with ease.

It serves as a solution to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and helps in creating a borderless economy, one which is not limited in any way.

Brexily wishes to help create a cashless economy all over the world, so as to make it easy for anyone to carry out transactions even without cash.

A lot of everyday activities can now be paid for any cryptocurrency, through the launch of Brexco by Brexily.

What You Can Do On BrexCo

1. For those who travel for one reason or the other, BrexCo has made it easy for you as you will be able to make bookings such as flight booking for your travels, hotel booking in over 230 countries to accomodate you, and even car booking for mobility as well as any holiday package, all of which could be done with cryptocurrencies.

2. Different kinds of utility bills will also be paid with cryptocurrencies as facilitated by BrexCo including electricity utility bills and even water utility bills, simply by using Brexco crypto payment system, which simplifies the entire process, seeing as it could be done with a few clicks.

3. With BrexCo, it will also be possible for users of different transport companies to make payment for a trips through the use of the cryptocurrency stored on their wallet, and even get tickets for the trip, in a digitized manner. Drivers can also pay for petrol at different stations using cryptocurrencies, and still get their change when need be, with the help of BrexCo crypto payment solution.

4. For those who wish to make payment with other methods of online payment like the use of electronic wallets with BrexCo, one can easily fund their e-wallets with funds from their crypto wallet, to facilitate cashless transactions and save them the stress of using the inefficient banking system.

5. You will be amazed to know that BrexCo as developed by Brexily exchange even covers your insurance premium payment, as this could be done with cryptocurrency on Brexco.

6. Cryptocurrency payment for health treatments will also become a reality through the emergence of BrexCo, giving patients the liberty to paying their medical bills anytime, just with their crypto funds.

7. Seeing as we are now in a digital era, BrexCo will also allow both students and their parents to pay school fees with cryptocurrencies, which does not only drive the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, but will also reduce the hassle involved in paying school fees with cash.

8. Users of BrexCo can also purchase different kinds of digital assets like Gold, and many others, as well as gift cards which are redeemable on different retail outlets, using cryptocurrencies.

9. Additionally, users can now top up their phones and their friend's as well on BrexCo, because it facilitates mobile top up using one cryptocurrency or the other.

10. To ensure the continuous streaming of your TV cable, BrexCo will also make it very easy for users, as it supports payment to cable operators, with crypto.

Now the unique thing about making digital payments with BrexCo is that every transaction is carried out swiftly, just in a matter of seconds, as the system is not limited by high influx of demand, seeing as Brexily possesses a high transaction throughput that allows it process numerous transactions at a time.

This will also reduce the wait time for users, which is a good thing, especially for those very urgent operations.

To give more benefits to the Brexily community, anyone who makes payment on Brexco using the EVR token, which is the native token of Brexily, is allowed up to 8% discount by the system.


Brexily has taken the world closer to the mainstream adoption of digital currencies through the launch of Brexco.

This unique crypto payment system considered to be the one-stop-shop for all cryptocurrency payments, covers all works of life, making sure that every of our daily activities can be carried out with ease.

Find out more about Brexco here and visit Brexily’s official website for more information.