Adaora Anders
3 min readOct 29, 2020


Brexily Exchange Launches EARN CRYPTO Reward Program

A lot of people have been looking for ways to earn from cryptocurrency industry, but sadly almost every avenue of earning through crypto has one risk or the other associated with it.

Take cryptocurrency trading for instance, a trader is faced with the risk of losing his assets while trading, due to the high volatility of the price of digital assets in the industry.

That is one good example of the stress and high risks involved before one could earn from the crypto industry and most system developed to provide a source of income through crypto for the users, are often prone to manipulation, most of which are dishonest in their dealings with the users, often resulting to little or no yield.

In most cases where users invest their assets, they end up losing them mostly because of lack o0f security on the system.

Brexily exchange understands the need for a reliable stream of income for crypto users, so it has developed a system for the users to give them access to the untapped benefits of the cryptocurrency industry.

Here Comes EARN CRYPTO Launched By Brexily…

Earn Crypto reward program is a great opportunity provided by Brexily to the users letting them earn a considerable percentage of their funds in a stress-free manner on the Brexily system.

Brexily brings a whole new meaning to cryptocurrency trading, making it fully efficient for participants and as well let the every user benefit from the system, including those who are just beginning their journey in the cryptocurrency industry, and so might not be experts in the field, Earn Crypto makes it very easy to earn a passive income as no trading knowledge is required for one to take part.

It has been designed to let users earn as much as 36% of their invested fund, as an annual dividend.This earning program is scheduled to launch on the 30th of October, 2020.

The Working Concept Of Earn Crypto Program

In order to efficiently utilize this opportunity provided by Brexily, and enjoy great benefits, it is important to understand how the reward system is calculated.

For this illustration, a package of $500 USD will be used throughout the different lock-in period, showing clearly the reward for each period.

A user who goes for a package of $500 USD, the reward after one month will be 0.5% of the package which is $2.50 USD.

Locking in the same $500 USD package for 3 months will get the user a 0.75% reward of the package which is $3.50 USD.

While those who chose the same $5OO USD package will be getting a reward that is 1% of the package after 6 months, amounting to $5 USD.

The reward for the same package of $500 USD package will be allocated to a user who chose a lock-in period of 12 months, which is about $7.50 USD.

For 18 months on the same package of $500, 1.5% reward is issued to the user after the lock-in period, making it a $10 USD reward.

There is also an exceptional case for users who select their lock-in asset to be the Everus native token (EVR), as they get double of what the regular users get as reward.

So, any participant who wishes to gain more rewards from the Earn Crypto program can choose a higher package, for a longer lock-in period.

At the end of the lock-in period, the user can withdraw both the earning made and the original fund locked into the system.


Earn Crypto meets the need of every user who has been looking for an income stream, through its reliable earning program.

To ensure that everyone benefits and that the system is transparent, it opens up the entire working of the system to its users.

With Earn Crypto, the entire world will become free for financial limitations, as it is an opportunity to rise above poverty, in a secured and seamless way. Earn passive income in a risk-free environment without the need for any cryptocurrency knowledge and expertise!

Get started by visiting Brexily Exchange here. You can also Visit Everus official page here for more information.