Adaora Anders
3 min readOct 11, 2020

Brexily Exchange Introduces The EARN CRYPTO Reward Program

In order to unlock more benefits to every user in the Brexily ecosystem, this great exchange will be launching a reward program called "EARN CRYPTO", where the users of the exchange will have the rare opportunity of earning a great percentage of crypto, as dividends for using the system. This reward program will be introducing more benefits to the users.

This program will be launched within the month of October, 2020 to make it open to every user of Brexily exchange to participate and earn massively.

For proper understanding, we will give more details on how EARN CRYPTO works and its benefits to the users of Brexily exchange.

Earn Crypto And Its Benefits

Earn Crypto was initiated by the Brexily exchange to help give the users of the system unrestricted access to a reliable stream of income, without much stress.

The Earn Crypto as launched by Brexily was designed in a way that the participants can earn crypto rewards per annum, of around 36% of their package, every year.

It will help improve both the cryptocurrency industry, and the global financial industry at large, seeing as every user on the system is able to benefit greatly from their trading activities, including the expert crypto traders and the new ones.

How The Dividend Is Calculated

The Earn Crypto program is initiated with a $500 package, with which users can participate, throughout a period of 6 months, as the lock in period.

So, for users who lock in the $500 package for 6 months, get 1% of the fund, as dividend.

Brexily exchange has also prepared an exclusive offer for the holders of its native EVR token, as it rewards them with about double of the previous percentage.
This means that when a holder of the EVR token selects the $500 package in EVR, and locks it in for 6 months, they get 2% of the fund, as dividend.

That's not all...

A user can also earn more dividend from the Brexily Earn Crypto program, by choosing to lock in their selected package for more than 6 months, even up to 18 months, to generate more rewards.

How Does Brexily Exchange Secure Users Funds

As a fully decentralized exchange, Brexily gives the full control of the funds deposited for the Earn Crypto program back to the users, by making them full custodian of their assets. It achieves this by integrating the Google Authenticator into the system, as a way of securing the assets on the system, and authenticating users to confirm the ownership of the funds.

Adding to this, Brexily also utilizes the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, so as to ascertain the Genuity of every user and protect the funds thereof.

What Are The Perks Of The Earn Crypto Program?

Aside from the fact that the users are to earn up to 36% dividend per year, another perk enjoyable by participants is that the payout for the reward is made easy and transparent, ensuring that the users get access to their earnings whenever they want it.

As earlier stated, users who wish to earn more rewards have the liberty to choose the package of funds to lock-in, as well as the period they so desire. It is important to note that a higher package and a higher lock-in period generates more dividend for the users.

In Summary,

With the Brexily Earn Crypto program, you can have regular stream of dividends and enjoy the great benefits of using the exchange and being part of the cryptocurrency industry.

Look out on our social media channels, as the launch date for the Eran Crypto Program, will be announced.

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