Bluzelle- The Modern Technological Database Management Service

Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 25, 2020

Technological advancement has led to the production of numerous devices that possess the capacity to simplify work and generate more productivity for the global population.

When it comes to information, there are more than 20 billion devices through which data is circulated and exchanged across diverse platforms.

The current state of databases does not seem to provide the needed next generation insights to propel intelligent engagements and arrive at better decisions. This has brought about the desire to have a strong and scalable infrastructure such as databases developed to support new initiatives.

Unfortunately, due to the unavailability of resources, the development of databases that will properly cater for the incessant emission of data around the globe has been quite difficult.

This need led to the development of the BLUZELLE system.

Let Us Take A Look At This Technological Revolution

It is a decentralized database service that uses the blockchain infrastructure to combat every form of data susceptibility and compromise while maintaining high performance.

It is a highly innovative database service designed to address the issues of data theft,vulnerability and fraud while delivering an effective and scalable data security experience for its users.

The emergence of bluzelle helps check fraudulent activities in the digital space and makes data less vulnerable to compromise.

Technological Framework Of The Bluzelle System

The bluzelle ecosystem is made up of various innovative technological tools that distinguishes it from other database management services and provides smooth operations within the ecosystem, let’s take a look at a few


Databases and permanent storage are characterized by four basic functions which are create, read,update and delete.

A user is expected to choose and keep his/her unique password, all data stored in the key value pairs are encoded with the password serving as the only initialization vector in AES 256 symmetric key encryption.


It is usually difficult to work with databases considering their size and memory limitations, but by dividing the databases along logical lines the work becomes less cumbersome to handle.

Descriptively, a logical shard is the most minute unit in BLUZELLE which contains the units of data of various individuals with the same partition key. This key acts as an identifier which gives access for information retrieval. The entire ecosystem is made up of groups of logical shards stored on leaf swarms and the partition key helps to retrieve data from the appropriate leaf swam.


The traditional blockchains are considered to be quite slow and have scalability difficulties, this is owed to the fact that every block or transaction is replicated almost everywhere. With BLUZELLE, data is only stored among the strategic subset of the nodes,which guarantees the availability of data and as well as the perks of limitless horizontal scaling. This is possible because only one swarm in the entire network replicates a given piece of data, an instance of a similar technology is the Content Delivery Network (CDN).


A logical shared dispersed across multiple nodes aids in attaining speed on the network, the idea behind this technique is to be able to access a specific data from different locations with whatever available resources, this helps in balancing the load on the network as information can be retrieved swiftly and efficiently from any available and less taxed nodes nearby.


By storing a replicated data across diverse nodes with unique infrastructure, this system intends to minimize causation between single node failure and loss of the entire shard.This is a unique mirroring technique used to secure data availability on the system by ensuring that any point of node failure doesn’t impact the shard and consequently the availability of such data.


The buzelle ecosystem is setting the pace with the state -of -the -art technological tools within the database management service. Apart from being centralized, it possesses a flawless technological framework to provide sound and dynamic data management experimental for users in the ecosystem.

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