Adaora Anders
3 min readJun 8, 2021


The Bluzelle network was founded in 2014 by top professionals in the data management industry, Neeraj Murarka and Parvel Gains and has ever since maintained a top — of — the class position when it comes to providing individuals and enterprises with an unbeatable database framework fortified to facilitate safety, high performance and decentralization.

The idea of Bluzelle was to improve the operational quality of the internet for users through the innovative blockchain technology and providing a seamless access to a world of information through decentralization. Lately, this inventive database structure has experienced a meteoric rise in adoption around the globe as many industries are leveraging the network to provide maximum support and guarantee for data to users.

Given its usability and technological soundness of the network, there is obviously no plans of slowing down in expansion, this reflects on its various partnerships with several projects within the blockchain industry to provide a consolidated structure for financial data.

Let’s quickly highlight a few partners of the Bluzelle network below
Bluzelle has formed a strong alliance with MATIC network, MATIC is a top 2 layer scaling platform for Etherum, this alliance will see bluzelle accentuate the goal of the Magic platform which is to provide users with a full fledged technology stack. The Matic network provides major use cases for bluzelle and as a result, this alliance had to be formed.

Another high profile partnership is the BLUZELLE-EROND alliance. The ELROND substrate is famous for providing scalability and usability by deploying a unique novel sharding mechanism. It is recognised among the top 40 projects on CMC. The rationale is to jointly carry out research to ascertain other use cases regarding providing automated data.

Furthermore, POLKADOT is another powerhouse project which have struck an alliance with the Bluzelle DB, The POLKADOT network is has maintained its position as the chief Web3.0 foundation project over time and a partnership with bluzelle will eliminate any form of dependence on centralized structures regarding for Bluzelle as it offers data management solutions.

What about the innovative StaFi protocol? This project is an unbeatable Decentralized Finance protocol unlocking the fluidity of staked assets. Bluzelle will provide redemption, mapping information, pledge and will connect with StaFi’s resources in order to support the staking contract of the StaFi ecosystem.

More recently, HEDGETRADERS has joined the list of Bluzelle’s awesome partnerships, hedgetraders is a platform that accommodates a lot of traders which entails sharing of volumes of data within the platform, Bluzelle will provide access to a decentralized structure for safekeeping and management of all data generated on this platform.
Hedgetraders social trading platform boasts the number one digital trading substrate to promote the interest of beginners and professionals while facilitating decentralization and a consolidated database infrastructure.
Finally, Bluzelle aims to aid DeFi with the much needed scalability, discretion and scalability in its operations, Bluzelle partners with the TOMOCHAIN platform. The partnership will see TOMODEX(Tomochain’s decentralized exchange) utilize genuine price data feeds from the Bluzelle oracles. These two powerhouses will combine their resources to improve Dapps and DeFi adoption and lots more.


The BluzelleDB service is already making giant strides towards attaining wide — scale adoption and proffering more usability for the global population. Its partnership with Polkadot, Elrond, Tomochain, StaFi, Hedgetraders and Matic network is only the beginning of Bluzelle’s advancement, and of course there are other amazing developments expected in the future.
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