Adaora Anders
3 min readOct 26, 2020


Bluzelle, since its inception has enjoyed a successful market integration over the years and with the conclusion of their public sales, they already hit the ground running.

While setting their sights on other innovative methods of creating more utility for the society, the bluzelle network have announced their partnership with UniLend Finance in a bid to drive more adoption for DeFi.

Bluzelle is a high throughput, interoperable, multi function decentralized data that has enlisted the services and form close bonds with most heavyweight players within the blockchain industry and the UniLend-Bluzelle partnership is the latest partnership that will prove quite beneficial for all stakeholders within the ecosystem.


UNILEND is a completely permissionless DeFi protocol that merges spot trading services and lending/borrowing functionality within a particular platform. The motive of the UniLend's platform is to unlock the DeFi space to the about $29B of Erc-20 tokens which are currently denied operation in DeFi in order to achieve a greater output within the space.

Considering the fact that current DeFi only approves about 30 assets, UniLend creates room for anyone to list any Erc-20 assets on its platform for a profitable decentralized trading or lending/borrowing activity.

BLUZELLE on the other hand aims to become the innovative data layer for Web3.0 by providing a decentralized data management network designed to be tamper proof,transparent, secure,highly scalable and efficient than the previous traditional solutions.

It is a delegated proof of stake which is powered by Cosmos and developed with the capacity to handle up to 10 000 TPS. The solution developed by bluzelle is to improve DeFi by providing historical price feeds,360 degrees view, analysis of data and many more.


Bluzelle infrastructure plays an important role in DeFi development, aside from being the go to data layer for Web 3.0, the unique blz tokens is listed on various high profile exchanges including CEXs Binance and Huobi. Unfortunately, it is still quite difficulty to execute Blz lending and borrowing in a decentralized format,until the announcement of this partnership.

Users in the ecosystem through UniLend will not only be restricted to the trading of the blz tokens, but also can perform borrowing and lending services as well as provide liquidity in return for interest while getting rewarded in UFT for making use of the protocol.

For the UniLend platform, it is quite an amazing experience to be one of the early participants in trialing the Bluzelle new Oracle solution that is powered by its own decentralized database and offers maximum security,speed and unbeatable price indexes.

Meanwhile,in the event of this partnership, below is what the CEO and co-founder of the UniLend platform has to say.

''We believe the next evolution in decentralized finance is the integration of not only participants, but also the various available assets which users desire to utilize in DeFi.UniLend is focused on realizing this and making strong progress towards innovating the DeFi industry''.

Chandresh Aharwar, UniLend CEO & CO-FOUNDER.


The partnership between Bluzelle and UniLend is not only beneficial to these two powerhouses but will hugely impact trading experience positively. Traders will not only be able to trade the blz tokens,but can also execute borrowing/ lending functions as well, and stand to earn amazing rewards for providing liquidity on the platform with their Blz token.

Stay tuned on Bluzelle website here be updated