Adaora Anders
3 min readSep 15, 2021


Blockchain Applications On Cypherium: Industrial Use Cases

The digital ledger is only as good as the value derived from it. If there are no use cases for the blockchain, it loses its appeal. Fortunately, the distributed ledger gets it right in that regard. Transparency and immutability, attributes of a typical blockchain, are highly needed in a world where unscrupulous middlemen roam free.

Cypherium Network is a blockchain that prides itself in its supported use cases. In this piece, we break down some of the use cases of the new blockchain.

Cypherium Blockchain’s Uses Cases

As highlighted earlier, a blockchain is only as good as its use case. If it does nothing towards making the world a better place, then it wallows in obscurity.

Interestingly, Cypherium Network provides a virtual environment for the fleshing out of use cases. Here are some of the possible industrial use cases of the blockchain:

1. Digital identity management

The rising onslaught against centralized data servers is worrisome. Unsurprisingly, this coincides with the increased valuation of data in the digital space.

To tackle the problem of data theft — a situation that bedevils centralised data servers — attention has shifted to identity management, allowing individuals to control their data as they deem fit.

Cypherium is a blockchain that supports the rise of several identity management applications. The digital ledger’s framework is compatible with these open identity protocols.

Cypherium blockchain achieves this support for decentralized identity management through its multifaceted layer structure. The duo of interface and service layers means blockchain applications, that deliver competent identity management, can thrive without compromises.

By providing the right setup for these decentralized digital identity management applications, Cypherium gets the ball rolling for a disruption of the traditional data management sector.

2. Support for CBDCs

The interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies has increased significantly. More countries are looking for ways to deploy their digital currency for a more robust financial system. The use of CBDCs will amplify financial inclusion and eliminate the middlemen. This puts an end to financial crimes.

Cypherium Network’s infrastructure is suited for the deployment of a CBDC. Considering the sensitive nature of such a project, Cypherium Network’s approach to security and scalability is definitely in sync with a CBDC launch.

Cypherium has all it takes to support a CBDC. The blockchain’s support for cross-chain interoperability is made possible through its ledger Cypherlink. Thus, it is not out of the ordinary for CBDCs applications to take shelter on the blockchain.

Cypherium Network’s suitability for CBDCs shines through in how easily and swiftly the relevant entities are informed on illicit financial transactions. It’s another pointer of how effective the blockchain is towards the performance of these pilot applications.


21st Century Bookkeeping

On Cypherium, developers can build bookkeeping blockchain applications to rival what’s obtainable in the accounting world. Cypherium eliminates the need for a reliable middleman, reducing the vulnerability of traditional bookkeeping methods to attack.

The blockchain’s smart contracts and the involvement of a decentralized approach help make transaction confirmation a breeze. Such blockchain applications are automated based on the stipulations of the parties involved.

Bookkeeping applications built on Cypherium can be secure. Since such applications hold data — a highly valued item — it’s great that the relevant persons can be informed of any attempt to breach the platform. Reinforcing its secure status, Cypherium allows the encryption of transaction data to avoid unauthorized persons accessing them.


Cypherium Network provides a springboard for innovative applications to flourish. The world needs these blockchain applications, and Cypherium makes it happen.

Cypherium Network is both easy to use, cheaper, and technologically advanced. The few highlighted use cases of the blockchain are only the tip of the iceberg.