Adaora Anders
3 min readJul 8, 2020


Benefits Of Descartes SDK Portal For Developers

Cartesi provides developers with the empowerment they need to select the best operating system in which to launch and manage every part of their DApps. It solves the problems of blockchain that hinders it’s expansive adoption and that threatens the future for the development of DApps.
In order to achieve its mission of helping developers in building better DApps and of ensuring a better future for DApps improvement, Cartesi consciously ensures steady milestones are presented and launched.
Just a few days ago, Cartesi launched yet another milestone- The Descartes SDK Portal.

With this SDK release, we prove our continued commitment to making DApps powerful and easy to build. This SDK launch will allow developers who are already in the blockchain space to not only perform heavy computation, but the convenience and the tools they were lacking. ” — Erick Demoura (CEO of Cartesi)

The auspicious launch of the Descartes SDK Portal presents a new dawn for developers to build and nurture intensive DApps with all software using software tools available for full Linux operating system.
This implies that, DApp developers can now use secured, simple, common and powerful software components that are compatible with Linux, in order to build their DApps. With Cartesi, developers will become free from these constraints.

Cartesi’s Descartes SDK Portal Presents The Following Benefits:
Descartes SDK Portal is an infrastructure that will make it feasible for DApps to run huge and intensive computations off-chain on a Linux environment secured and Decentralized which usually are expensive to process on-chain. Hence, Developers stand to benefit the from Descartes SDK Portal:
1. Developers will learn how to develop a DApp with Cartesi to Unlock huge and intensive computations.
2. Descartes SDK enables powerful new possibilities for DApps.
3. Cartesi’s Descartes SDK will help developers process massive amounts of data that are made available by reputable and trusted data sources in a decentralized and secured way among the DApp participants.
4. Cartesi’s Descartes SDK will save excessively huge gas fees by enhancing complex computations that should have been done on-chain to be done off-chain while also saving the costs of huge gas fees.
5. Descartes SDK Portal would help developers to effectively utilize mature and mainstream ‘Zero-knowledge (Zk) libraries that compile for Linux etc.
We can not talk about the successful launch of Cartesi’s Descartes SDK Portal without talking about the newly improved and nourished website of Cartesi which includes; improved information, an in-depth road-map and lots more. You can visit the website here:
All thanks to the Cartesi team for making it, a mission possible for developers to build DApp off-chain with Linux, while maintaining on-chain security.


Cartesi reshapes and enhances the future of DApps with continuous improvements and milestones by addressing the problems of Decentralization, poor scalability and lack of a reliable, sufficient environment. With the off-chain component of Cartesi, developers can now process intensive computations and transactions faster than ever before.

If you are a Developer or aspiring to becoming a successful developer, then Cartesi has got a friendly environment with all needed tools and support.

You may visit the website below: