Adaora Anders
3 min readMar 27, 2021


Badger DAO Partners With Cometh: A Match Made In NFT?

Badger DAO has been at the forefront of ensuring bitcoin holders aren’t left out from the DeFi craze. Initially, most bitcoin holders felt left behind as DeFi was largely limited to specific blockchains like Ethereum, Tron and others. Fortunately, Badger DAO found a way around the problem by wrapping BTC so it can be used in DeFi platforms.

Badger DAO, spearheaded by community members, has moved for the inclusion of the first-ever cryptocurrency into DeFi. Now, it’s delving into NFTs.

Despite building an impressive bridge between Bitcoin and the DeFi arena, Badger DAO isn’t resting on its laurels. The community-driven project has its sight set on bringing NFTs to badgers. To get its foot in the door, Badger DAO is partnering with another reputable name in the DeFi arena: Cometh.

What Cometh Brings To The Table

Cometh isn’t a newbie to the DeFi space. The gaming platform enables users to explore the galaxy while earning NFTs in the process. Armed with these non-fungible tokens, you can mine valuable tokens that will prove immensely valuable in the DeFi space.

The Badger DAO/Cometh Partnership

NFTs have grown incredibly popular. Beetly, a digital artist, sold one of his treasured pieces for 50 million dollars in ETH. And there are many other popular personalities that are following this path by selling their digital arts or footprint. Badger DAO is looking to tap into the NFT sensation without ignoring its DeFi roots.

To actualize such a massive feat, the community-driven project has joined forces with Cometh, forming a team that has the potential to revolutionize NFT as we know it.

With Badger DAO being a project that relies on the decisions and actions of the community, Badgers can be certain their stake remains a priority, regardless of this partnership with Cometh. Yet, the Cometh community also stand to gain a lot as well.

Leveraging This Opportunity

Being a community-driven initiative, Badger DAO is offering every badger and cometh gamer a leeway towards getting involved in such an innovation. To be a part of this initiative, badgers will have to stake their MUST tokens to get DIGG, Badger’s NFT tokens.

Cometh gaming platforms are not left out of this one-in-a-million opportunity. They can get the DIGG token by showing their gaming prowess in the game. Destroy asteroids and get fungible tokens that have substantial value in the virtual world.

If you play games on the Cometh platform, you can earn the DIGG tokens just by doing what you do best — play games. This is made possible through the fusion of the Badger DAO’s DeFi features. LP tokens for the MUST/DIGG pairs will be loaded into the game so players can find them. On finding relevant LP pairs, you get to earn a part of the fees. Amazing, right?


A product of Badger DAO’s partnership with Cometh is the new DEX platform, ComethSwap.

Beyond the sale of the DIGG tokens, proceeds will be used to provide liquidity for pools situated on the platform. But unlike what’s obtainable with other DEX sites, ComethSwap fees aren’t only given to Liquidity provides.

A significant chunk of these fees will be sent to everyone that plays games on the Cometh platform. To ensures both Badger DAO’s community and those of Cometh benefit from this fee largesse.

Final Thoughts

NFTs are currently the rave of the moment. Every man and his dog within the crypto space and beyond don’t want to be left behind. Through this Badger and Cometh partnership, both communities can ride the NFT wave to its pinnacle whilst swimming in the gains of DeFi. Nothing beats such an offering, and you know it’s true.

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