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3 min readAug 9, 2019


Hello crypto investors and enthusiasts. Enjoying the smooth tides that came with the bull? No too worry, I bring good tidings.

Has storing your bitcoin ever been your issue? Have you ever found it difficult to getting good wallets for your bitcoin? Not too worry still. I bring to you Atomic wallet, the best wallet ever for storing of your bitcoin.

Recently, there are several wallets for storing of your crypto assets. But the fact still remains that, not all that ‘glitters is gold’. Not all wallets is good enough to store your assets if you must ensure the safety of your assets. Reason why Atomic Wallet Team unleashed an advanced and unique custodian wallet for storing, sending and conversion of your wallets majorly BITCOIN.


There are different kinds of wallet that you should know namely,

1. Hardware wallets e.g Ledger Nano S, Trezor etc
2. Desktop wallets e.g Exodus Bitcoin Core etc.
3. Mobile wallets e.g Atomic wallet, Coinomi wallet, Imtoken wallet, Mycellium wallet etc.
4. Web wallets, we have Myether wallet, Metamask, Atomic wallet etc.
5. Paper wallet although not commonly used.

The mostly used wallet is Mobile wallets which is almost always used for storing of Bitcoin and altcoins. Most of these wallets are compatible with all mobile devices while still allowing users back it up with private keys and pass phrases.

As secured as these wallets seem to be, none has been proven efficient and safe for storing of Bitcoin until the very launch of ATOMIC WALLET. Atomic wallet became the best bitcoin wallet ever used.

Are you looking for the best wallet to store and send your Bitcoin, then Atomic wallet gay your back:


Atomic wallet wallet is an advanced and unique custodian cryptocurrency wallet which hosts over 300assets to include over 300 tokens and over 25 chains.

Atomic walletis available to users who would want to access the wallet on Mobile, web and PC. To set you your Atomic wallet, see this video for more information to setting up your Atomic wallet

Atomic wallet unlike the other wallets holds the safety of its users funds at heart. Hence, security is at the realm of the wallet. Atomic wallet helps you to effectively manage your bitcoin.


Atomic wallet remains the best bitcoin wallet in that it,

  1. It allows for multi currency… Allows more than 300 tokens on it and over 25 chains. It is indeed one of its kind custodian wallet.
    2 Atomic Wallet has one of the best security measures ever. Which makes your bitcoin and other altcoins safe and secured.
    3. Atomic Wallet has swap exchange in it. This means that, with Atomic Wallet, you can swap you bitcoin to other crypto currencies of your choice.
    4. With Atomic Wallet, you can get to buy and sell bitcoin directly with your debit or Master card etc.

Conclusively, Atomic Wallet remains the best bitcoin wallet ever. If you want a secured wallet to store your bitcoin with ease, Get atomic wallet now…

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