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Hello there and welcome to my blog…Wishing You All A Prosperous and Productive New Month. I have something to tide you over the month. As cryptocurrency gaining popularity steadily, only a few knows how to go about this. In this article, I shall tell you how efficacious it is to purchase your cryptocurrency using #AtomicWallet as my case study.
As crypto turns out to be increasingly well known, numerous individuals still know next to nothing about Bitcoin, how to purchase BTC, oversee or use it. One of the simplest method to consolidate every one of these things is Atomic Wallet.
My love for Atomic wallet and it’s innovations cannot be over emphasized. This is because the Atomic Wallet project has what it takes to remain on the space even in past 10years. The team strive beyond the ordinary to give to its users and investors the best ever crypto experience ever thought of.
If you are finding it difficult to buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, not to worry. With your bank card, not too worry. You can now purchase BTC and other cryptocurrencies with your bank card on atomic wallet. Don’t worry, this is simple and easiest way. Just follow the guidelines below:
Firstly, you need to know that Atomic Wallet has both Android, iOS and desktop wallet. And you need to be conversant with whichever device you are using so as to effectively utilize the wallet to your satisfaction.
For Android users, all you need to do is simply: Download Atomic Wallet from
Or better still, you can directly download any Atomic Wallet version of your device with Buy Crypto alternative from the website
Step by step instructions to purchase Bitcoin with Credit Card
You can now purchase Bitcoin with VISA or MasterCard directly in Atomic Wallet and also, you can convert your USD or EUR to BTC. It’s very simple to utilize and doesn’t require explicit tech abilities.

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized and non-custodial wallet. The Atomic wallet supports 500+ tokens and over 20 chains. Principally, the Atomic wallet is a known multi-asset management wallet which helps users and crypto investors as well to manage, send receive, buy,sell, exchange and swap multiple currencies without the use of third party.
To purchase Bitcoin with USD or EUR, here are some graphical aids to assist you in buying with your card on Atomic Wallet:

Once the wallet has been installed, sign in with your password to fully have access to the wallet. Once that is done,

Once you login, you'd see the clear and full interface of the wallet displaying all the assets supported by Atomic Wallet and their respective wallets.

From this display is where and how you can purchase your crypto with your bank card on atomic Wallet. This is a simple display.

On this interface is where you'd enter your personal details to acknowledge your intentions of buying crypto with your bank card. Ensure you fill in your proper information accordingly.

From this interface is where you'd enter your bank details. Note that the Atomic Wallet has one of the strongest security measures in place. Hence, all private information provided by you is secured. Then you can proceed with the payment once that is done.

For every successful transaction goes to your history where you can account for every transaction executed on the Atomic Wallet. Buying of crypto has become easier with Atomic Wallet.
• Download and install the application
• Click on the “Purchase crypto” tab in the left menu and pick BTC, ETH, LTC or BCH:
• Fill out the Billing Info
• Enter the installment subtleties.
• Confirm your telephone and email.
That is it you are done!
You will get crypto on your wallet in few minutes.
Conclusively, I without doubt say that Atomic project at large is a huge success in the crypto space. The APP is a great one, with a UI that is commendable. You can easily download this on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Thank me later!
Anticipate my future publication on Atomic Wallet, my favorite cryptocurrency wallet.
Still got inquiries? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Atomic team:
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