Adaora Anders
5 min readOct 8, 2020

An Overview of Brexily Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges came to be upon the emergence of cryptocurrencies in the digital space, a form of digital assets which was created to make digital payment and other digital transactions easier.

Right from the creation of the first digital asset known as Bitcoin, other crypto assets have also emerged, causing the need for a reliable system which will help the global users efficiently make use of these digital assets in their day to day activities, in turn driving the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

We can see that a cryptocurrency exchange platform is very vital in the cryptocurrency industry, and for the global users to enjoy the full benefits of the newfound financial tool, an efficient exchange platform is essential.

Having gotten an insight about the role of the cryptocurrency exchange platform in digitizing transactions, we will delve into the Brexily exchange platform and its great functionalities.

For proper understanding, let's quickly explain Brexily Exchange.

Brexily exchange is a system which was envisioned and brought to life by Everus technologies, a reputable name in both the cryptocurrency industry and the digital system at large, as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform developed to make the exchange and trade in cryptocurrency, seamless and beneficial to the global masses.

Brexily was designed to be user-intuitive, in such a way that it will be easy for users, especially the new ones, to find their way around the system, carrying out crypto transactions without any form of hassle.

Aside from the numerous benefits associated with the use of the Brexily exchange platform, here are some unique features which sets it apart from the other exchanges flooding the crypto market.

Unique Functionalities Of Brexily Exchange

Multiple Payment Gateways

This is one of the intriguing features of the Brexily exchange which was embedded in the system to make the trade and exchange of cryptocurrency to be easier for the users and make its adoption seamless.

Brexily doesn't just support the exchange or purchase of one cryptocurrency with another, but also allows for users to buy any crypto asset with their bank cards in such a way that it will be less tedious moving from the traditional systems, to the improved cryptocurrency era. This way, there is no barrier to the entering the crypto market and enjoying of its benefits, because Brexily exchange has made the entire process easy for the users.

Reinforced Security System

The security on the Brexily cryptocurrency exchange platform is a top-notch, seeing as the system has put in play, improved security measures so as to ensure that every activity carried out on the system is secured.

It adopts the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), to protect the users funds and other advanced security measures to see to it that the user’s details stored on the system, is also protected.

While carrying out trading operations on Brexily exchange platform, the users do not have to worry, when it comes to security, because the system's reinforced security system shields them from any attack.

Payment Card For Crypto

In its quest to drive the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies all over the world, the Brexily exchange has made it stressless for users to enjoy easy access to their crypto assets and make transactions with them anytime they want, by creating a crypto debit card which could either be acquired by users physically or virtually across different countries.

This will make it less difficult for these users to spend their cryptocurrencies, as they could easily make purchases and make payment with crypto, through the use of these crypto cards.

A Crypto Powered Marketplace

Generally, the Brexily exchange system has also created a marketplace for the global users to use their crypto.

Here on the Brexily crypto marketplace, the users are allowed the opportunity to pay different bills and even make purchases such as flight tickets as well as carry out other transactions, paying with their cryptocurrencies.

This is a way of incorporating the use of cryptocurrencies into our daily lives, eliminating the challenges experienced by users when carrying out transactions with the inefficient fiat currencies.

Now, back to the benefits of using Brexily exchange.

Users get to enjoy unrestricted benefits for using the Brexily exchange for their trading activities and some of which are…

A welcome bonus, which is a issued out to new users who sign up on the exchange.

The welcome bonus provided by the system to the users will go a long way for the users as it will help them begin their trading activities on the system and acquaint themselves with the entire process, even before using their own funds.

Brexily exchange also facilitates trading of cryptocurrencies with zero charge as the users are not required to pay any fee whenever they trade any cryptocurrency that is paired with its native token called the EVR token. This will help ensure that the market worth of the token keeps appreciating and to ensure that users do not spend much of their funds on trading fees, they are allowed to trade at a reduced cost, giving them access to more profits.

An incentive system has also been put in place by the Brexily exchange for referring new users to the system.

This referral bonus is a form of incentive to encourage users for bringing new members to use the system.

All these benefits and many more are the boons which users enjoy just for carrying out activities on the Brexily exchange, showing its superiority over the other exchange systems out there.


The aforementioned features and benefits shows that the Brexily exchange is not the regular cryptocurrency exchange platform, as it unlocks more benefits to the users on its system, making the trade in cryptocurrency more beneficial, and its use easy, all over the world.

Brexily does not just improve the cryptocurrency trading experience for users, but is the first step to achieving the global adoption of digital currencies, integrating it into our everyday lives.

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