Adaora Anders
3 min readAug 29, 2021


Alphr: Innovation Meets Profit

Alphr’s innovation knows no limit. Despite how bogus that statement might be, it’s nearly an understatement considering what the project has planned.

While the crypto space is one where constant development is a norm, the Alphr team appears to be the most zealous bunch.

The Alphr Opportunities

Alphr’s trade angle is common knowledge. Everyone must already know that Alphr makes DEX trading lucrative.

The ability to mirror the trades of professional traders is truly something. It’s like letting the pros do the work while you enjoy the rewards.

Also, Alphr solves one of the pitfalls of DEX trading — expensive gas fees. Since mirror pools are used to orchestrate trades of all users at once, the gas fee burden is much lower.

Besides the trade angle, Alphr is bringing a dual reward system to the forefront. The initiative aims to increase the Alphr liquidity on DEX like Uniswap.

Alphr will share 75% of the fees generated on DEX trades for the Alphr-ETH pair among all liquidity providers. It’s monumental in a DeFi space where liquidity providers get as little as 0.1% of the fees accrued. Nevertheless, your portion of these fees will depend on your addition to liquidity pool.

Meanwhile, the reward system will work like the gains of the average yield farming protocol. Once you provide liquidity, you can stake your LP tokens to earn even more rewards. So you earn in two ways thanks to the Alphr innovation.

Anyone interested in such gains adds liquidity for the Alphr-ETH trading pair and gets the LP tokens.

Your share of the fees largess takes into consideration the contributions of the other LP providers as well.

Interestingly, the fees shared will be in ETH, which should lead to a spike in interest by those looking for such monumental gains. It’s rare to see fees shared in ETH.

The farming program will see liquidity providers use LPs to farm ALPHR. Initially, all stakers will share in the 125,000 ALPHRs disbursed. Down the line, the reward shared will reduce by 5,000 ALPHR every month. So it’s a case of being the early bird if you’re looking to reap maximum benefit.

Why Incentivize Liquidity Providers?

Incentives for most liquidity providers on Uniswap are lackluster, so why is Alphr doing this?

Nothing motivates the crypto community like rewards and incentives. And Alphr is giving them exactly that. By incentivizing liquidity providing, more people will be interested in providing liquidity for ALPHR trades.

Compensation For Traders

For those using the Alphr mirror trading, liquidity providing isn’t what they signed up for. So don’t expect to enjoy the gains of liquidity providing if you aren’t doing the work. Fortunately, traders can take part in farming ALPHR as there are no restrictions on who can participate.

Also, expert traders — whose DEX trades get mirrored — are compensated with ALPHR. But they will need to verify their wallet to claim such rewards.

Community Development

While Alphr tries to reward stakeholders, development of the ecosystem proceeds as scheduled.

25% of the fees generated through ALPHR-ETH trades automatically go to the community development fund.

Bringing on-chain insights previously enjoyed by institutional investors to the average DEX trader is no mean feat. Yet, Alphr achieves that through lots of technical analytics tools and data sources. Alphr relies on funds from fees and ALPHR sales to engage in such disruptive technology.


Both profit and innovation are critical; neither should be sacrificed on the altar of the other. Yet, achieving both is often a hard nut to crack. However, Alphr has found a way around such a knotty situation, ensuring everyone gets a taste of innovation and profit.

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