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A Deep Dive Review Of Coin98 Products

A few days ago, the world woke up to the sharing of a new DeFi wallet’s referral link: everyone I know was sharing theirs as expectations ran deep for what’s to come from these referrals. Though airdrop expectations for Coin98 didn’t go as many expected, those who bought into the C98 launch on Binance enjoyed huge profits.

Enough of the small talk, what’s Coin98?

It’s a digital platform that aims to cater to all things DeFi. And considering the number of collaborations Coin98 has with the big players in the crypto space, it’s here to change the status quo.

In this review, I intend to dissect the Coin98 platform, including its numerous products. So if you have often wondered why the project went from obscurity to being the poster boy of DeFi, this is where you should be.

What You Get On Coin98

The DeFi platform is packed with everything the average crypto investor needs to deliver for a profitable delve into the world of cryptocurrencies. On Coin98, you have the Insight section, Analytics, Wallet, Portfolio, Exchange, and the Coin98 token (C98).

Previously, you had to use different dApps or an array of tools from everywhere to access all these functions, but Coin98 puts all these tools in one place. No need to open multiple dApps when you can carry out all your DeFi related activities in one place.

The beauty of Coin98 is the platform’s recognition of the need for collaboration. Coin98 relies on all the relevant blockchains, AMMs, and more to deliver a DeFi ecosystem that’s the toast of the crypto space.

The 6s Of Coin98

No, this isn’t about the 2021 documentary film, rather it’s about the 6 products of Coin98 which comprises of;

  1. Coin98 Insights
  2. Coin98 Analytics
  3. Coin98 Wallet
  4. Coin98 Exchange
  5. Coin98 Token
  6. Coin98 Portfolio.

Each of these products is geared at making things easier for anyone looking to leverage the advantage of DeFi inconvenience.

Here’s the breakdown of all 6 Coin98 products:

Coin98 Insights

Coin98 has a dedicated website — — especially for insights targeting its Vietnamese users. Of course, visitors can easily translate the text to their preferred language using Google Translate on the website.

Coin98 Insights have different categories catering to the different needs of investors in the crypto space. There’s the Investment knowledge category specifically for visitors still trying to navigate the murky waters of cryptocurrency and DeFi.

Still on the Coin98 Insights website is the analysis tab where complex topics are broken down into smaller bits, making it easier for the average user to understand.

If you’re not cut out for any reading session, the podcast category has every basic information about decentralized finance projects in audio files. So you can listen to these value-packed pieces while you get around to doing other things.

The Coin98 Insights website also contains the Panorama category. Here, you can find valuable intel on new projects with maximum growth potential.

You will also find the latest news in the crypto space by perusing the new category of the Coin98 Insights website. Of course, there is non-related Vietnamese news added in there, but that’s unsurprising for a website written in Vietnamese.

Interestingly, the Coin98 Insights website also has a category specifically for job seekers. If you need a job especially crypto-related, the Recruitment tab got you covered.

Finding information on the Coin98 Insights website is also easy. By using the hashtags, you don’t have to open all the tabs in search of specific news of job openings or similar.

Coin98 Analytics

Another important Coin98 product is its analytics. Like its Insight, this Coin98 product serves to provide vital intel to anyone lucky enough to be following the Coin98 Analytics Twitter account or the medium page.

Unlike the Coin98 Insights, the Analytics tries to analyze mostly market-related information, which is every crypto trader’s Achilles tendon. Of course, there are a few topics that feature on the Coin98 Analytics that aren’t market-related. The bottom line remains that Coin98 Analytics brings an analytical eye to everything it looks at.

Coin98 Wallet

This is one of the many Coin98 products that most users in the crypto space are aware of. The Coin98 wallet isn’t your average web3 wallet. It makes the process of making a buying decision much easier. An important sections that make up the Coin98 wallet are the;


You can stay informed on market activities for each token using the market tab. Here, data such as market cap, circulating supply, total supply, 24-hour price, all-time high price, all-time low price, and the website.

The market tab also contains the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, accurate BTC dominance percentage, and more. And if you’re worried about the current gas fee for sending cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain, the Ether gas gwei keeps you posted.

If you want some intel on the current ranking of cryptocurrencies, the market data on the Coin98 wallet keeps you in the loop. You can identify the top 200 cryptocurrencies based on the defined criteria of your choice.

Still on the market data is the Calendar Lookup. Here, you can follow scheduled activities within the crypto space using the timeline attached. All you need to do is add the specific crypto event to your calendar and stay updated as the date draws close.

Still on trailing crypto-related events, the Blockchain Scan — found in the market tab — lets you track cryptocurrency events such as burns, transfers, token disbursement, and much more. It has 6 of the popular blockchains covered. All you have to do is enter the address or Tx hash of the transaction, and the details of that particular crypto event are displayed.

Due to the importance of margin trading, the Market section of the Coin98 wallet provides users with margin volumes of the different cryptocurrencies. This might provide clues for buying or selling digital currencies.

The Treemap is another addition to the Market section. It breaks down cryptocurrencies based on price and volume.

Coin98 Network

Right at the center of the tabs menu is the conspicuous Coin98 logo. Tapping on this logo opens up a mini-menu consisting of shortcuts to the cryptocurrencies, terminal, Coin98 Network, and Settings. So if you are looking for a quicker route to the Market cap section or similar, that big button above the regular ones — market, swap, and settings — is your best bet.

The big guy also provides access to the Coin98 Network. Here, you can visit all the relevant channels of Coin98 such as the landing page, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and more.

The Browser

Typical of any Web3 wallet, Coin98 wallet has a dApp browser that allows users to visit dApps of their choice. Coin98’s DeFi roots shine through in how you interact with these dApps. From the onset, the dApps are categorized based on finance, games, utilities, and more.

Unlike regular wallets, accessing certain dApps — Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Sushiswap, and more — you encounter an interface that serves as a shortcut to whatever your intentions for visiting the dApp, whether it’s for the farms, swap, pools, or others. This way, you don’t waste valuable time opening multiple pages on the dapp.


You can personalize the Coin98 wallet to your specifications using the settings tab. If the general appearance of the Coin98 wallet is what you like, the general settings section is the place to go. You can also change your preferred currency here. Coin98 has a nice selection of currencies to choose from.

Though Coin98 has a Vietnamese language bias, the Language section offers a catalog of languages, so it’s not difficult navigating the DeFi app.

Since wallets contain valuable assets, security is never taken for granted. The Coin98 wallet is no exception to this golden rule. Through the settings tap, you can visit the Security settings to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your assets. Here, you can choose your preferred security protocol — fingerprint, FaceID, or Pin code. You can also choose to keep your wallet address hidden if you don’t want anyone looking up your asset holding on the blockchain.

Still within the Settings menu of the Coin98 wallet is the Wallet Manager. Here, you can hide assets of chains you’re not interested in. Though this might affect the multichain status of your wallet — if you settled for multichain — it does help declutter your wallet.

The Wallet Manager also makes it possible to add wallet address contacts through the Contacts option. You can always edit saved contacts if the need arises.

If you feel some of your assets are hidden away from sight, the Wallet Manager brings them to the surface through the hidden tokens column.

Sometimes, you have to add token details before it becomes visible on your wallet. The Custom Tokens column allows you to do this. You can fill in the details of the token — chain, contract address, symbol, name, and decimal — then the token shows up on your Coin98 wallet.

The Assets Statistics column provides a breakdown of your asset holding, revealing how your holdings appear based on assets owned. It’s quite a tool for deciphering what tokens form the bulk of your assets.

The Terms of Service is not something many concern themselves with, but it’s right there in the Wallet Manager section of Coin98 wallet for a reason: to do a Pontius Pilate if something happens to your assets in the wallet. So you must read the terms of service several times to avoid any regrets.


At the top right corner of the Coin98 wallet is the bell-shaped icon that reveals notifications of transactions done on the wallet. It’s an easy way to stay on top of activities involving your Coin98 wallet.

Search everything

At the top center of the Coin98 wallet is the search column. If you don’t intend to go through the hassle of finding a token in the wallet, just enter it into the space provided. It’s like a bypass to the market cap section.

Below the search space is the wallet identify and the various options available for the wallet. You can keep your asset holding for that particular wallet hidden by clicking the eye icon. There’s also the choice to manage the wallet settings using the manage option. Or you can receive or send cryptocurrencies using the relevant option. Transactions peculiar to that wallet can be viewed through the history option.

Your wallet

The human-like icon at the top left corner of the Coin98 wallet serves as another shortcut to language, wallet security, and others. However, you can change your wallet username here as well.

You can also log out using the power icon visible at the top.

Coin98 Exchange

Not interested in opening dApps for swap? Don’t fret, the Coin98 wallet has a delineated swap tab so you can exchange your current holding for what’s desired. The great thing about the Coin98 wallet Swap service is the gas fees are not hidden away from sight. You can see what gas fees are required and you’re allowed to change things as you deem fit.

Right at the top of the Swap page is the trade history button. You can catch up on all the trades done using the Coin98 wallet Swap service.

Besides the trade history button is its settings counterpart. Here, you can alter the default gas fee choice, slippage tolerance, transaction deadline, and the default trading pair. This way, trading is as convenient as you make it.

Coin98 Token

Part of the Coin98 universe is the Coin98 token. It’s the native token of the DeFi-centric ecosystem. Coin98’s cross-chain capabilities are enshrined in its C98 token that’s compatible with three blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, and BSC.

In the usual fashion, C98 has governance functions in addition to transaction fee sharing and membership privileges. The Coin98 native token is currently trading on Binance, Huobi, Gate, and others.

Coin98 Portfolio

The Coin98 Portfolio is probably the envy of many DeFi projects. Having raised a whopping sum of $12.6 million since in 2021 alone, Coin98 has all the resources it needs to deliver on its many expectations.

Final Thoughts

The Coin98 platform promises to give the crypto space a big lift as it eliminates the need for bridging by having all 20 blockchains at your fingertips. The gains of DeFi combined with the appeal of Coin98’s user-friendly interface is something we have dreamt about for ages. And now, it’s here.



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