Blockchain Applications On Cypherium: Industrial Use Cases

The digital ledger is only as good as the value derived from it. If there are no use cases for the blockchain, it loses its appeal. Fortunately, the distributed ledger gets it right in that regard. Transparency and immutability, attributes of a typical blockchain, are highly needed in a world where unscrupulous middlemen roam free.

Cypherium Network is a blockchain that prides itself in its supported use cases. In this piece, we break down some of the use cases of the new blockchain.

Cypherium Blockchain’s Uses Cases

As highlighted earlier, a blockchain is…

HALO Network recently partnered with FAR Ecosystem and ZEED. The collaboration between the trio is expected to change the narrative in NFTs and the crypto space as a whole.

What Does The Partnership Mean For Crypto?

Partnerships are formed for different reasons. The collaboration between HALO Network, ZEED, and FAR Ecosystem is no different; each party offering something unique.

The partnership between the trio is expected to inspire changes in how non-fungible tokens are used. All three partners are collaborating to innovate on the use of NFTs.

Through the collaboration between HALO Network, ZEED, and FAR, the NFT ecosystem success of ZEED can be replicated on FAR…

StaFi August Development Recap

In August, StaFi protocol made significant progress as the DeFi platform continues to tackle the challenges haunting PoS chains.

August has been a month to remember for StaFi and the DeFi community in general. Here’s a recap of the StaFi developmental progress report for August.

BSC comes To StaFi

The integration of the BSC network has been in the works for a while. In August, it finally happened.

StaFi protocol used the rToken BSC bridge to support the expansion of the rToken universe into the Binance Smart Chain network. …

Sometimes, transparency is a bad thing. Yet, blockchain networks rival glass in transparency. This doesn’t mean the digital ledger is bad; it just means you have zero privacy on-chain.

Everything shouldn’t be public knowledge. There are classified documents for a reason. Occasionally, you’d prefer to conduct certain transactions under the radar, but that’s almost impossible with most blockchains.

While there are privacy serving protocols, it’s a headache navigating those. From the humongous gas fees to the reliance on centralized nodes, these protocols aren’t exactly user-friendly.

You also have to be wary about the use of third-party nodes in such privacy…

A Deep Dive Into How Cypherium Solves The Blockchain Trilemma

As revolutionary as blockchain technology might be, the current digital ledgers struggle in the face of three major issues, often called the blockchain trilemma. The concept of the blockchain trilemma is notorious in the crypto space. Developers cannot build a perfect blockchain as one of the trio of security, decentralization, or scalability is often sacrificed for others.

An ideal blockchain has to be secure, scalable, and decentralized. Yet, the reality of existing blockchains is far from ideal. Exploits happen too often, which puts a dent in the security of the…

DeFi ecosystem has grown over the years. More people are embracing the use of DeFi protocols for more than just yield farming. Though the DeFi ecosystem has come a long way, there is no limit to what is possible in this virtual space.

Tons of projects operate within the DeFi space, but there is only a handful that grabs attention. For instance, the DeFi ecosystem might not exist without Ethereum, especially when you consider the role played by the EVM.

A few other projects have distinguished themselves in the DeFi ecosystem. One of the ways most projects stand out in…

Recently, HALO Network partnered with Mars Panda, a blockchain-based platform. Mars Panda aims to dismantle the bureaucracy haunting the gaming world.

As fantastic as this collaboration might be for both parties, many are yet to understand the magnitude of this partnership, especially as it concerns the DeFi space.

What Is Mars Panda?

For a better understanding of how significant this HALO Network — Mars Panda collaboration is to the digital space, some background information is necessary.

Mars Panda is a blockchain-based project that unbundles the gaming industry. …

Decentralized exchanges are fast becoming the go-to choice for transactions on the blockchain. These financial products offer many benefits over their centralized counterpart, so it is no surprise to see the crypto space embrace these products.

HALO Network’s much talked about decentralized crypto exchange, HOSWAP sets to go live between September 15, 2021, and September 21st, 2021. And the crypto space is anxious. But what is all the fuss about HOSWAP?

What To Expect?

The launching of HOSWAP will usher in a new era in the De-Fi world. …

Security is a challenge for DeFi protocols. These decentralized finance platforms are often considered soft targets in the crypto Wild Wild West. And there have been more than a handful of exploits to confirm that.

While every DeFi project seeks to weather the whirlwinds of exploits, some do a better job than others. Since Alphr offers decentralized trading, it has to be right at the top of the pack.

Potential Security Challenges

For Alphr, the major challenge is navigating the murky waters of security. From afar, the decentralized trading opportunity, made available through mirror pools, might not have alarm bells going off. …

Bureaucracy exists in the traditional finance system – it’s an open secret.

Unsurprisingly, the consequence of this bureaucracy is an inefficient finance sector where middlemen hold sway. There is a glaring underperformance of the financial system. The disruption of the sector has allowed De-Fi protocols to put their feet in the door. Well, something had to wake the sleeping giant up.

The Emergence Of CBDCs

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is any country’s apex bank attempt to tackle the bureaucracy in the financial system.

CBDC will have its designated payment structure, facilitating transactions between parties while sidelining the middlemen.

Unlike the current practice in…

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