The annual project award organized by KingData is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2022. It’s the time to look beyond the wicks and candles, setting our gaze on projects that dominated the crypto space.

About KingData BlueWhale Award

Every award ceremony has some story behind it. In the case of…

StaFi Brings Liquid Staking to NEAR Chain

Staking Finance (StaFi) recently created a proposal for NEAR liquid staking. If the proposal scales true (a highly likely scenario), then the NEAR community will enjoy the many benefits of liquid staking from one of the pioneers in the DeFi space.

Understanding NEAR…

Finding Hidden Gems On KingData

Everyone is looking for the next crypto gem. Cryptos with big market capitalization won’t deliver the 10x or 100x that can fetch investors a fortune; so, all eyes are on small caps. But it’s tough — almost comparable to finding a diamond in a junkyard…

December might not be the most active month in the crypto space, but the grind doesn’t stop for the StaFi team. And it shows in the progress recorded by the DeFi project in December. Let’s recap the major events of the protocol in December.

New Liquidity Mining Programs

In December…

Everything about the digital ecosystem hangs on data. From the price feeds that drive asset valuation to on-chain wallet activities, it all comes down to data. KingData attempts to make sense of all the on-chain and off-chain through its numerous analytical tools.

Features Of KingData

One of the unique things about KingData is…

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